The Black Work

by Alex Andre

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The Black Work is a musical expression of the first stage of the Alchemical process, in which the aspirant putrefies and destroys old patterns which will not serve in the journey towards self-perfection. Though it be an inherently painful and distressing process, it is crowned with the knowledge that there is "help and hope in other spells". The death of the old is the birth of the new, and the invocation of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (in some places described as "myself perfected"), the crowned and conquering child, brings us to the next stage in all "his" triumphant glory.


released August 18, 2015

Guitar: Alexandre Lapuh
Vocals: Alexandre Lapuh
Percussion: Socrates Cruz
Cello: Alexandre Lapuh
Bass: Socrates Cruz
Keyboard: Socrates Cruz
Effects: Socrates Cruz

Recorded at Achtung Lab (Boston, MA)
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Socrates Cruz



all rights reserved


Alex Andre Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Oh, The Fallen Way
I wake up in my room
Alone again
I cling to the echoes
Of my dreams
For there I am surrounded
By friends
Before they fade back
To memory

So I crown myself
With Sorrow
And lament the loss
Of sleep
I hang my head
In my hands
And I weep, and weep
And weep

I get up and put on
My slippers
I climb down the mountain
Spine of stairs
The atmosphere sends me
A shiver
And the shadows have me
Running scared

So I'll hide away
My treasures
And withhold
The light of day
I'll scorn all joy
And pleasure
And I'll make my
Home of clay
Track Name: A Door
It was the first time that we spoke
I remember still
You had a fragrance and a look
My blood was spilled

I count the days since we met
With smiles that wilt
You summon sorrow and regret
But it's my hilt

I walk the desert now
With my camel will
Decry the tears I would have wept
Through my gills.

I follow in the footsteps
Of mountain hills
I hope I make the steep ascent
I've heard it kills

Spiders creeping through my hair
With fear I'm filled
I curse the land on which I sit
My veins are chilled
Track Name: Culling of the Worm
Hollowed by darkness
Harrowed by rage
Broken by longing
And hate-fixed gaze

Rise now before me
Failure tainted worm
Wretched writhing maggot
Of universal spurn

"You are become me
By providence divine
Eaten up with blindness
To writhe by my side

Heaven has abandoned you
Left you here to rot
Your prayers are but an effigy
Of covenants long since forgot

Drown yourself in hopelessness
Wallow in despair
Dust shall be your nourishment
And weakness you heir

God has appointed me this task
Misery within
An endless spring of uselessness
Vanity and sin

Contemplate your mortal sorrow
The gnawing pangs of doubt
Meaningless whirl of torment
Wafting ash about"

I am not your servant
For you are the slave of all
I am not become you
But give you voice to fall

Heed now the voice of your master
Release all that you hold dear
Return now to oblivion
With your dread and your fear

Let the silence of darkness be broken
Let it enter into the silence of light
Track Name: The Convalescent
Stay away
Can't you see that I'm bleeding
On the side

Fade away
Can't you feel that I'm needing
Like a child

And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all
And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all

Tilt your face
Show the side that believes in
My name

Come the day
One of us will be eaten
Or flayed

And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all
And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all

Keep it all to yourself
Choke on your hatred
My dear

You must be out of your head
All you see are your demons
Not me

And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all
And it's alright to feel it all
It's alright to feel at all
Track Name: Death of the Slave Gods
They'll feed it down
Through tubes and sounds

Into the trough
We're eating of

And so they preach
Weakness and disease
Because they need their food
To crawl on its knees

With step and sign
We'll fall in line
They say

The animal
Is pitiful
And debased

Hypnotic waves
Breaking and unknown
Leaving us
Aching and alone

There's help and hope
In other spells
Bahlasti! Ompehda!
I banish the shells

The reward of Ra Hoor Khu
There is division hither homeward
A word is not known
Spelling is defunct
All is not aught
Beware, hold, raise the spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit

Let it first be understood
That I am a god of war and of vengeance
I shall deal hardly with them
Choose ye an island
Fortify it
Dung it about with enginery of war
I will give you a war engine
And with it ye shall smite the peoples
And none shall stand before you
Lurk, withdraw, upon them!
This is the law of the battle of conquest
Thus shall my worship be about my secret house